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A Home for Nature

Dear Friends,

My nature story is not unique. I spent endless summers playing outdoors as a child.  Exploring the wild pockets of woods around the lake where my family spent summers. I especially loved the water—lakes and rivers and the ocean too. I spent every moment I could on it, in it, and under it.  And sailing with my father, mesmerized by our wild and beautiful coast. All that treasured time outdoors instilled in me a love of nature that has been with me ever since.

Like you, I find that connection to nature turning more and more to concern for the wild places I love—wanting to ensure they are still there for my children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Protecting our natural legacy is both critically important and urgent—once we lose our beautiful wild barrens, windswept coastlines and pristine lakeshores, they are gone, forever.  Please join me in taking action today, helping protect a home for nature in Nova Scotia.

My long-time connection to the outdoors and concern for its future was what drove me to take on the leadership of the Nature Trust’s Board.  I also volunteered because I’m so impressed with what they have achieved. The Nature Trust has grown into a thriving organization with an incredible 25 year track record of success.

The Nature Trust is truly creating a tangible and lasting impact in the world of land conservation, closing in on the remarkable  milestone of protecting 100 conservation sites—100 homes for nature!

I wanted my volunteer work and charitable giving to benefit nature, to save the places I care about. The Nature Trust makes that possible for me—and for you.

You can take action to save nature too, by joining the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

Because so much of Nova Scotia’s land is privately owned (85% of our coast and 70% inland), and so many of the best wild places are found on these private lands, the Nature Trust’s work is vital. The Nature Trust helps landowners protect nature on their own lands, preserving our irreplaceable natural legacy, both for nature’s sake and for people too.

The Nature Trust also helps people like you take action to save the places you love!

Home for Nature

You can help save even more homes for nature this year.

You can help meet the promise of “protected, forever.

To ensure the lands entrusted to our care are truly protected, forever, you can help build the capacity and people-power needed to manage and steward the Nature Trust’s growing network of over 90 conservation areas. Your donation will help meet the promise of “forever wild,” including an exciting new province-wide hands-on nature volunteer program. 

You can help the Nature Trust thrive.

To ensure a home for nature, the Nature Trust needs our own home where we can make that magic happen. Purchasing a Dartmouth property to serve as our office has helped to ensure our long-term sustainability by reducing operating costs. With your support, our building can become ‘Nature’s House’—a showcase of sustainable green design. You can help increase urban biodiversity and habitat, conserve water and energy, and bring our conservation mission right into the city!

Please consider a tax-deductible donation for nature today. Help protect home for nature

We know you’re busy so we’ve made giving easy. Simply download the donation form, or click below to donate online. Or give Christina a call at (902) 425-5263 to make your gift by phone. To donate stocks or mutual funds to save even more taxes, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Opportunities to protect the wild are disappearing every day. Please donate generously today.

With sincere thanks,

Rick Emberley

Chair, Nova Scotia Nature Trust Board
p.s. You can make a tangible, lasting impact for nature. Donate today to save a home for nature, right here in Nova Scotia.