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Joy Comes Naturally!

Dear Friends,

When I first set foot on a wild island off Nova Scotia’s southern tip, I didn’t expect to fall in love.

But that’s exactly what happened. On a Nature Trust adventure to Bon Portage Island, I held a tiny ball of fluff in my hands, learned her incredible life story, and fell head over heels in love. With a baby bird!

And that moment of pure joy changed my life.

I realized that nature really matters to me. To all of us. And I realized that the Nature Trust is our best way to take action to save our most special places. To pass along a legacy of nature to future generations.

From that moment of discovery, I began donating every year to the Nature Trust, and giving my time to the cause as well.

I’m asking you to please join me in making a gift to the Nature Trust, and taking action to save nature today.

No doubt you have magical moments in nature too, when you feel pure joy. Taking a deep breath of earthy, mossy forest. Listening to frogs singing at dawn, or thehaunting call of the loons at night.

Like me, you know that nature is irreplaceable. That nature brings us delight and wonder. It calms our minds and rejuvenates our souls.

The Nature Trust is taking action every day to protect even more special places. To save nature, and to save the experience of being in nature, for now and always.

Through the generous support of people like you, 12 rare and beautiful wild spaces were protected over the past year—natural places that will be there forever, because of people like you!

The new protected areas include remote and seemingly barren islands that give refuge to adorable puffins, playful terns and countless other birds.

Homes for endangered turtles. Lakeshores, rivers and wetlands too.

And many of the incredible wild islands of my Eastern Shore home are now protected, forever.

But there is more that you can do. Please join me in saving even more wild spaces this year, while we still can.

By giving to the Nature Trust, you can save the very places you love most. The most beautiful, wild and treasured natural areas across the province. Places of wonder, and joy.

Please donate today.

You can download and mail in the donation form, or donate online by clicking on the donate button. Or simply call Christina at 902-425-5263 and she’ll be happy to take your donation by phone. For the month of June, during the Great Giving Challenge, for every dollar that you donate online through CanadaHelps, the Nature Trust gets entered into a draw to win $10,000.

One of the best things about the the Nature Trust is that it is all about good news. It’s one of the best antidotes to the stress, and bad news that seem to surround us these days. The Nature Trust can be our beacon of hope!

And saving Nova Scotia’s most special places and giving the gift of magical moments in nature to generations to come—that’s our best investment in the future.

Please donate generously today. Invest in nature, in hope and in joy.

You will know your gift is making a difference by the good news stories you’ll hear this year. Incredible wild spaces that you have protected, forever. The devoted care and stewardship of the growing network of protected areas that you make possible. And inspiring tales of people connecting with nature, and discovering joy, thanks to you.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story, and thank you in advance for your generous gift.


Yours truly,

Nancy Margeson

Nature Trust friend, volunteer and retired board member

p.s. Remember, joy comes naturally. Invest in joy today!

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