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An Earth Day Gift: Nature Trust Announces New Freshwater Refuge for Wildlife

April 21st, 2017
In celebration of Earth Day, the Nova Scotia Nature Trust announced new conservation lands on Hog Lake in Queen’s County, Nova Scotia. The property was generously donated to protect important freshwater habitats for wildlife.


The 64 acre property, located about half way between Kejimkujik National Park and Bridgewater, includes shoreline habitat on Hog lake, extensive wetlands covering about 40% of the property, including a riverside fen and brook system, as well as patches of old forest.

A haven for wetland-dependent wildlife including a family of nesting loons, the property also has potential habitat for the nationally endangered Blanding’s Turtle and Eastern Ribbonsnake. Both are species threatened by increasing habitat loss. Hog Lake also provides important habitat for rare plants including Long’s Bulrush, Common Buttonbush, Virginia Meadow Beauty, Goldencrest, and Redroot.

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