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Gifts Fit for a Turtle: New Wilderness Sanctuary and Gifts of Nature from Nature Trust

November 28th, 2017
Nova Scotia’s most endangered turtle has yet more critical habitat safeguarded, thanks to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, a generous gift, and growing public support for preserving our wild species and spaces.


The new donation of land by Gail Freeman adds to their Barren Meadow turtle sanctuary in southwest Nova Scotia. The Nature Trust also announced another type of gift and an exciting chance for all Nova Scotians to take action to save other wild places like it across the province.

The 112 acre land donation adds critical habitat to the Nature Trust’s Turtle Sanctuary at Barren Meadow near Copton, northwest of Bridgewater. Nova Scotians have generously stepped up twice before to help the Nature Trust purchase two adjacent properties on Barren Meadow. This gift of land reflects an inspiring trend.

There is a role for every Nova Scotian in protecting our wild areas legacy, and more and more Nova Scotians are stepping up to make a difference.

A unique way for Nova Scotians to take action to save wild places, while also providing a solution for easy, impactful and meaningful holiday gifts is through the Gifts of Nature.

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