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Nature Trust Conservation Awards 2004

Mr. Martin Rudy Haase

Recipient, Nova Scotia Nature Trust, Nature Conservation Award 2004

Martin Rudy Haase. Martin Rudy Haase's commitment to nature is legendary. Always a pioneer, he was the first land owner to donate a conservation easement to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, over a significant tract of land owned by him on the Bras d' or Lakes. At this time, in 1996, the Trust was a fledgling organization and there were many questions about how this donation would affect the owner and how this donation would work. To Mr. Haase, what was more important than having answers to those questions was to make the process work and to forge the path for others to follow. He has since donated a second conservation easement on the eastern shore, protecting four spectacular coastal islands. Mr. Haase very generously agreed to donate a percentage of the sale price of the coastal islands to the Nature Trust's Land Stewardship Endowment Fund.

Mr. Haase has been a generous donor to the Trust in other ways too, from supporting our other land conservation efforts to helping to inspire and encourage other landowners to protect their land. Until recently he was also an active and hard working Board Member.

Mr. Haase began his conservation effort in the United States in 1953 to save a spectacular coastal island in Maine which faced immediate development threat. In doing so, he and four friends founded the conservation society, "Friends of Nature". He also had a hand in preserving the only remaining virgin section of dry tropical forest in Costa Rica. This nature reserve spurred on the Costa Rican government's National Park system.

No one can deny that Mr. Haase is truly a remarkable person. In the words of Bob Waldon, past Nature Trust board member, "He is a person of considerable conviction and principle but he also turns those convictions and principles into concrete action".

We are pleased to recognize Mr. Haase's admirable commitment and willingness to do whatever it takes to make a difference in the protection of natural areas.