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Arts and Environment Partnerships

Alice Reed is an example of the synergy between the NSNT and artists. Maybe it's that their occupation is interpreting beauty and ours is protecting it, but the Nature Trust seems to find a natural synergy with our province's artists. These relationships have resulted in four major projects in support of the Nature Trust: the watercolour exhibit "Sacred Worth", the symphonic work "MacKinnon's Brook Suite", at the photographic exhibit "Spirit of Place", and the performing arts magic of "A Sense of Wonder".

We offer our sincere thanks to the artists involved in these special projects, Alice Reed, Ian McKinnon, Joanne Chilton, Kaiulauni Lee, and Janice Stewart for their dedication to conservation. As well, we offer our gratitude to the sponsors for making these projects possible. We invite our visitors to explore these artistic testaments to Nova Scotia's natural beauty.