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100 Wild Islands Legacy Campaign


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Off Nova Scotia’s Atlantic shores lies a hidden treasure—a remote and wild group of coastal islands and headlands encompassing over 7,000 acres of diverse and ecologically rich coastal habitats. Despite Nova Scotia’s long history of settlement, this flotilla of over one hundred islands has for millennia largely been left to the ravages of wind, wave and fog, experiencing little disturbance from humans—leaving one of the continent’s last great coastal island wildernesses.

Just over an hour from Halifax (between Clam Harbour Beach and Taylor Head Provincial Park), untouched white sand beaches and idyllic sheltered coves, dramatic, windswept headlands, and rugged rocky shorelines welcome the intrepid wilderness paddler or sailor. The islands support an interconnected mosaic of every coastal habitat found in Nova Scotia, and their boreal rainforests, wetlands, bogs and barrens have gone largely undisturbed by humans for more than 10,000 years, providing refuge for a rich diversity of wildlife. The archipelago stretches over 30 km along the coast,
and is truly a globally significant coastal island wilderness.

The Nature Trust recognized that before us is an exciting and unparalleled opportunity to preserve an irreplaceable part of Nova Scotia’s treasured coastal legacy. And we are making it happen! The Nature Trust is embarking on one of the largest coastal conservation campaigns in Nova Scotia’s history, to fulfill the bold vision of protecting, forever, the entire 100 Wild Islands archipelago.

To date, we've raised the $7million needed to secure the protection of the archipelago, and we've protected 85% of the 282 islands in partnership with the Province, land owners, community members, donors and volunteers! A new initiative, the Friends of the Wild, is focussed on the next exciting phase of the campaign -- planning for the future management of this vast wilderness, balancing opportunities for people to explore and experience this magical place, while ensuring the islands' unique natural legacy is protected forever.