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Coastal Conservation

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Our Coastal Work

Alarmingly, less than five percent (approximately 600 kilometres) of Nova Scotia's coastal shoreline is formally protected. Ninety-five percent of the coast is in private ownership and these lands are under increasing threat from development. Areas we've long taken for granted as being publicly owned are being closed to public access and developed. The need to protect our important coastal habitats is urgent!

No one is more aware of this trend than Canadian literary icon and environmental advocate, Farley Mowat. Following the donation of land he made with his wife Claire in September 2007, to the Nature Trust, Mowat enthusiastically stepped forward as a patron of the Nature Trust. When asked about his reasons for supporting the Trust, Mowat commented "what the Nature Trust represents to me is the possibility of giving it all to what you believe in. I have great faith in them. I believe the Nature Trust is one of the only really effective organizations for conservation. They're young, they're vigorous, they're passionate, and god knows, the need for land conservation is enormous in Nova Scotia, particularly along the coasts."

The goal of the Nature Trust’s coastal conservation is to secure and steward forever, priority coastal lands in Nova Scotia. The Nature Trust has already made significant gains. We have secured 51 coastal properties, totaling over 5200 acres. These "Forever Wild Conservation Lands" are critical to Nova Scotia's protected areas system. They include the breathtaking cliffs of Sight Point in the Mabou Highlands, Cape Breton; the panoramic views of Aspy Bay's Yellow Head, at the northern tip of Nova Scotia; the rugged wilderness of the eastern shore's Shelter Cove and Ship Rock Island; and the iconic Partridge Island in the Bay of Fundy. Our other coastal conservation lands can be viewed on the Nature Trust Property Explorer.

Recent coastal efforts and successes:

Our sincere thanks go to all of the landowners, project funders, donors, volunteers and communities who have helped us succeed in our efforts to preserve the coast.

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