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Saving Turtles

Southwestern Nova Scotia is one of the most important freshwater landscapes in Nova Scotia and it provides one of the last refuges in Canada for the endangered Blanding's Turtle. Approximately 350 of these species remain in the province and they face increasing threats from habitat loss and disturbance. To date, the Nature Trust has 8 conservation lands in this region, encompassing over 300 acres of intact habitats that provide a natural corridor essential for the turtles and other imperiled species survival.

New Protected Lands added to Turtle Sanctuary

Nova Scotia’s most endangered turtle has yet more critical habitat safeguarded, thanks to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, a generous gift, and growing public support for preserving our wild species and spaces. The new donation of land by Gail Freeman
adds to our Barren Meadow turtle sanctuary in southwest Nova Scotia. We also have another type of gift and an exciting chance for all Nova Scotians to take action to save wild places across the province.

There is a role for every Nova Scotian in protecting our wild areas legacy, and more and more Nova Scotians are stepping up to make a difference. A unique way for Nova Scotians to take action to save wild places, while also providing a solution for easy, impactful and meaningful holiday gifts is through the Gifts of Nature.

Read the full story about the new conservation lands and how you can make an impact.

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