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A Forest Oasis

Located within the Gaspereau River Watershed on the South Mountain and featuring spectacular views of the Gaspereau Valley, the Minas Basin and Cape Blomidon, the 605 acre Wolfville Watershed Nature Preserve is home to many exceptional natural features, including:

Old-growth forests like those found in the Preserve are now exceptionally rare in Nova Scotia. Many such forests have been logged or converted to agricultural use. In fact, less than 0.01% of Nova Scotia's current forests are old-growth.

The preserve protects one of the last properties of this ecological quality and size in the Annapolis Valley.

The property was the original water supply for the Town of Wolfville and it still serves as a back-up water supply source. This role has historically provided a level of protection that ensured the outstanding ecological qualities of the property were maintained. However, natural areas throughout our province face increasing pressures from agriculture, forestry, residential, and other development. In recognition of these potential future threats, the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, in partnership with the local community and the Town of Wolfville, permanently protected this natural treasure for future generations to enjoy. The site also provides excellent educational and ecological research opportunities.


Partnering for Conservation

The Wolfville Watershed Nature Preserve is the result of a unique partnership between the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and the Town of Wolfville. The Town and the late Mayor Robert Stead have demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision in placing the property under a "conservation easement" with the Nature Trust. This agreement permanently restricts any subdivision or development on the site, and ensures all activities are in keeping with preservation of the site's natural values. Under the agreement, the Nature Trust is given the rights to enforce the conservation restrictions, thereby ensuring its permanent protection. This partnership sets an exciting precedent for government and community partnerships in land conservation, as it is the first partnership of its kind between a community land trust and a municipality in Canada. It provides an excellent model for other municipalities to work together with non-government land trusts to permanently protect important municipally owned natural areas.

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Many thanks to the individual supporters of this project: Jim Wolford, Janice Flynn, Ford Spidle, George Alliston, Fred Chipman, Roy Brideau, John Fuller, Councilor David Mangle, Zelda Weatherbee, Gregg Morrison, Jim Dewar, Lorraine Jones, and Bernard Forsythe.


You Can Help Protect this Exceptional Place

Like any precious gem, the Wolfville Watershed Nature Preserve requires care if we are to maintain its beauty and ecological integrity. The ongoing stewardship of this exceptional site continues! The Nature Trust continues to raise funds for the endowment of the property. Revenues from the endowment will support the Nature Trust's property stewardship program, which will enable future property monitoring, management and enforcement, and a community based volunteer "Property Guardian" program for the Preserve.

We are now appealing to the public to support the endowment fund campaign. Your contribution will help ensure that the Preserve is maintained in its natural state, forever. Please consider becoming a "Friend of the Forest!" Please click here for a donation form.

Project Sponsors

The Nature Trust is very grateful to our lead campaign donors:

Curtis Chipman
This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada
Ce projet a été réalisé avec l'appui financier du gouvernement du Canada.
Town of Wolfville Fred and Nancy Chipman
Fred and Elizabeth Fountain M. Fountain David and Margaret Fountain
Jean Marsh Scotia Investments The late Alex Colville