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Land Conservation

Nova Scotians have inherited a rich and intricate natural legacy, filled with a variety of landscapes and unique habitats. These range from coastal barrens and salt water marshes to rocky shores and expansive sand dunes, from hardwood forests and rugged highlands to rich and fertile river valleys. Residents and visitors alike are attracted to this special combination of natural areas.

Yet, after hundreds of years of human use, settlement and land clearing have greatly altered the original landscape. These activities have destroyed parts of our natural heritage. Aldo Leopold once wrote that "to keep every cog and wheel is the first precaution of intelligent tinkering." We, as a society, have been avid tinkerers, but haven't been very good about saving all the parts. In fact, for some natural communities, few areas of any size remain. The plants and animals that depend on them are in trouble. As a result, the remaining natural areas are vital to protect the province's natural legacy.

Our Opportunity

Many Nova Scotians have been taking good care of their land for generations. Whether they have a working farm, forest land, shoreline, or other open space, they want to see that it remains as it is, for their children, and for future generations. Yet future landowners may not always care for the land in the same way.

Fortunately, we now have an opportunity to permanently protect such land. There are three avenues by which the Nature Trust is able to conserve ecologically significant lands: [1] donation, [2] easement, and [3] outright purchase. Landowners will find much information throughout this site about the options available to them, but those of us living in towns and cities, subdivisions and apartment buildings may not own any ecologically significant land, however there are still ways to help. Funds collected from donations enable us to purchase ecologically sensitive areas as well as help in the costs associated with conservation easements and land donations.

Thank you to 1% for the Planet Partners, who fund our conservation programs:


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