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Partridge Island

Partridge Island is a cherished coastal treasure in the Bay of Fundy, just a few kilometers outside of the town of Parrsboro. It is an ecological gem, and an important cultural and historic landmark that is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

The Nature Trust, together with the island owners, have protected this unique island, forever.

Preserving this unique island forest makes an important contribution to protecting our province’s unique biodiversity. The island supports coastal hardwood forests, which are rare in Nova Scotia, particularly on islands.The tidal flats, salt marsh wetlands, steep cliffs and mixed forests all provide important habitat for a wide range of small mammals, shore and songbirds and refuge for many spring and fall migrants.

The island is a favourite with naturalists and birdwatchers, drawn by the diversity that they might glimpse on an island visit. A well-trodden 3 km hiking trail, with scenic look-offs, leads to an observation tower which overlooks the spectacular Bay of Fundy, affording views of the powerful tides and distinctive coastal features including Cape Split. The island is also well-known by gemstone hunters and rock hounders searching for the next big fossil find.

The island is one of several ecologically important properties entrusted to Acadia University as an important educational and research resource for students, faculty and the community. Acadia University and the Nature Trust have entered a ground-breaking conservation partnership through which Acadia has committed to protecting each of its high priority conservation properties, and Partridge Island is among these. Acadia, along with Dalhousie, Sharon Taylor and a landowner who wishes to remain anonymous, have generously committed their land to protection as a conservation easement.

With very few islands in the Bay of Fundy, this island and its associated habitats represent an important opportunity to contribute to our coastal legacy.

We invite Nova Scotians to help preserve Partridge Island, forever.

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