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The Resources section of our website is a library of all the reports and informational brochures produced by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

Our most requested resources are:

Available online is the new "Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora in Nova Scotia Identification and Information Guide". The Nature Trust has some available for a suggested donation of $10 to support the protection of these species. Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora (ACPF) are a group of plants that are mainly found in and along lakeshores, rivers, salt marshes, and freshwater wetlands along the Atlantic coast of North America. In Nova Scotia this represents over 90 plants that typically live in nutrient-poor areas that receive high levels of natural disturbance (ice scour, wave action) where other plants find it difficult to survive. Over one third of these species are found nowhere else in Canada! Of the more than 90 species of ACPF found in Nova Scotia, 11 are legally listed as endangered or threatened species under either the federal Species at Risk Act or provincial Nova Scotia Endangered Species Act. Others are ranked at risk by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, a general status rank that provides an overall indication of how well the species is doing in the province. This guide is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about these unique and wonderful plants.

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