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Dear Friends,


The wild. Wild rivers. Wild islands. Some of my fondest memories are of the wild. Exploring and discovering nature’s treasures with my siblings. Tiny toads, and salamanders on beds of lush moss. Paddling in early morning mist. And whippoorwills calling in the night.

Protecting the wild is what drew me to the Nature Trust—ensuring that wild places thrive, for nature, and for people too. As threats to wild places grow, our ability to act quickly to protect lands at risk is greatly helped by your support. I am writing today asking that you please join me in making generous gift for the wild today.

The wild in Nova Scotia is disappearing every day. We hear about devastation in our forests. Wild rivers withering, startling habitat loss, birds and salmon vanishing.

But hope lies in the Nature Trust. And in you.

Because of supporters like you, wild places we all love are being saved. Wildlife protected. We’ve achieved remarkable, tangible and lasting conservation results this year, thanks to you.

All protected thanks to your past support.

Once these lands are acquired or protected by conservation easements, the real work is just beginning—from monitoring the properties regularly to removing invasive plants, managing visitors and restoring lost habitats.

Your support made possible the careful planning and devoted stewardship needed to ensure these new protected places, and the wildlife they shelter, are truly protected, forever.

But every day more wild places are lost. The urgency of protecting land has never been greater. And at the same time the Nature Trust’s stewardship burden continues to grow with each new protected area. We now have over 90 conservation sites across the province, encompassing over 10,700 acres of land to manage and steward. So donations are critically needed.

I am making a special year-end donation to the Nature Trust, and I urge you to make this commitment too. Please donate generously today.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve made giving easy. You can donate online, mail in a donation, or just give Christina a call at (902) 425-5263 to make your gift by phone (and ask about saving even more taxes by donating a gift of stock or mutual funds).


Please donate today, because opportunities to protect the wild are disappearing every day. Your tax-deductible donation will make a real difference:

With the cost of land on the rise and threats to wild places growing day by day, we depend on friends like you to help us protect and care for these special places.

Please send a generous gift to save wild places. For nature, and for people too.

Thank you for your support and for being an important part of keeping Nova Scotia wild. Your dedication makes all the difference.

With Gratitude,

Bonnie Sutherland

Executive Director


p.s. Please help save the wild, by sending an urgently needed contribution today. You can protect the wild even more by giving others the Gift of Nature this holiday season.