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Protecting Urban Wildlands

Dear Neighbours,

Ever notice how the stress of everyday life falls away when you’re outdoors? Swimming with friends at a local lake. Wandering a woodland trail or fishing at your favourite pool?

Like you, we live in the Halifax area, and we love having natural areas so close to home. They help us rejuvenate and find calm in our busy lives. They keep us active and healthy. And they’re home to the birds we love to watch.

But we worry about losing urban wildlands. So we are excited to tell you about the Nova Scotia Nature Trust’s Urban Wildlands Campaign. We hope you’ll help save wildlands, right here in our backyard, by donating today.

The Nature Trust is a Nova Scotian charity, dedicated to protecting irreplaceable natural areas, the places we all love. And they don’t just save land, but they care for it too, diligently managing and safeguarding these special places to ensure the wildlife and their habitats are truly protected, forever. Protecting space for nature, and for people like you too.

As long-time supporters, we’ve seen the impressive progress the Nature Trust makes year after year. We know where our dollars are going. And we see the big impact our gifts have saving wildlands across Nova Scotia, where the Nature Trust has been leading the way for the last quarter century. We love that they’re a local organization, saving land for Nova Scotians.

And they get the job done! With support from people like you, the Nature Trust has saved more than 11,000 acres of our most treasured natural areas—nearly 100 conservation sites, from Troop Island and Rogues Roost to the 100 Wild Islands.

Through the Nature Trust’s Urban Wildlands Campaign, you too can help protect even more wildlands, right in your own backyard by donating today.

The Nature Trust is about to announce a big conservation win! Over 300 acres of beautiful lakes, river and stunning coastal barrens. Swimming holes and hiking trails too—all close to the city centre. It’s a treasured spot that many people know and love. Like so many special places in Nova Scotia, people thought it was public land. That it would always be there for us to enjoy. But it was private land, like over 70% of Nova Scotia, and at risk of development.

Thanks to the generous landowners, and support from people like you, the land is now entrusted to the Nature Trust. Your donation today will ensure this special place and others like it will be protected and cared for, forever. For nature and for you too.

This exciting news will be announced August 15th and you are invited! Meet the Nature Trust and help celebrate this great news for nature and for our community (see invite for more details). See first-hand the incredible achievements your donation makes possible.

You probably have fond memories of favourite urban oasis, perhaps of time spent on a Nature Trust property. Our first visit to the Nature Trust’s Purcells Cove Conservation Lands, part of the Halifax backlands, was incredible. We hiked to a pond, surrounded by an unbelievable sea of brilliant red. It was huckleberry bushes, we learned, in their autumn finest. The reflection shimmered across the pond, backed by clear blue sky and the deep greens of the forest. A chorus of birds filled the air. It was a magical moment we’ll never forget!

Like you, we think about the future. We want to ensure that this kind of wild beauty is still around when grandson, Theo, grows up. That’s another reason we support the Nature Trust. Ensure that the people you care about can always experience nature, close to home. Take action today.

Please donate now, before it’s too late.

Your charitable gift is tax deductible. And thanks to a special matching grant, for every dollar you give, another dollar is donated to save wildlands, doubling the impact of your gift! Your $100 gift means $200 to save urban wildlands. A $500 gift means $1000 for nature!

Donating is easy. Simply download the donation form, or donate online, by clicking below. Or call Christina at (902) 425-5263 to donate by phone. If you donate stocks or mutual funds you save even more taxes!



Your donation makes big things happen:

Without your support, more urban wildlands will be lost. Fresh air, clean water, the cooling trees and soothing birdsongs that make the city liveable and healthy—lost. Special places to hike and paddle, fish and swim. Places for kids to connect with nature—gone, forever.

But it’s not too late. You can make a difference. Every gift, large or small, has an impact. And the more people like you who give, the more we can save, before it’s too late. Please take action today.

Urban wildlands need your help. Please give generously—for nature, right here in our backyard.

Yours truly,

Bob & Wendy McDonald

Dr. Bob and Wendy McDonald
Nature Trust volunteers, donors and nature champions

P.S. Please donate today. Save special places in your own backyard, before it’s too late. Your gift will be matched, doubling urban wildlands success!

Learn more about what your gift is making possible:


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